The Trial

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Good morning Worm, you honor 早上好,尊敬的蠕虫法官 The crown will plainly show the prisoner who now stands before you 乌鸦会将站在你面前的犯人清楚展示 Was caught red-handed showing feeling 他在显露情感时被当场逮捕 Showing feeling of an almost human nature 显露的几乎是人性的情感 This will not do 但这没用 Call the schoolmaster 召校长上来
I always said he’d come to no good the end, you honor 我就说他不会有什么出息,法官大人 If they’d let me have my way, I could’ve flayed him into shape 要是他们让我行事,我本能将他鞭打成才 But my hands were tired 但我的手被缚 The bleeding hearts and artists 流血的心肠与艺术家 Let him get away with murder 使他逍遥法外 Let me hammer him today 今日就让我用锤子教训他吧
Crazy toys in the attic, I am crazy 疯了,阁楼上的玩具,我疯了 Truly gone fishing 真的是去钓鱼 They must have taken my marble away 他们一定偷走了我的弹珠 (Crazy, toys in the attic, he is crazy) (疯了,阁楼上的玩具,他疯了)
You little shit, you’re in it now 你个小混蛋,现在被困住了吧 I hope they throw way the key 我希望他们扔走钥匙 You should’ve talked to me mre often 你对我说的总比 Than you did but no 做的多,但没用 You had to go you own way 你必须走自己的路 Have you broken any homes up lately? 你最近又毁坏了别人的家吗? Just five minutes, Worm, you honor, him and me alone 只要五分钟,蠕虫法官,就他和我
Babe 宝贝儿 Come to mother, baby, let me hold you in my arms 到妈妈这来,宝贝,让我把你抱在怀里 M’lord, I never wanted him to get in any trouble 法官大人,我从没想过要让他闯祸 Why’d he ever have to leave me 为何他要离开我 Worm, you honor, let me take him home 蠕虫法官,就让我带他回家吧
Crazy, over the rainbow, I am crazy 疯了,在彩虹上,我疯了 Bars in the window 窗户上的闩条 There must have been a door there in the wall 我进来时,在墙上 When I came in 一定有扇门 (Crazy, over the rainbow, he is crazy) (疯了,在彩虹上,他疯了)
The evidence before the court is 法庭上的证据已经 Incontrovertible, there’s not need for the jury to retire 确凿无疑,陪审团已不必退场 In all my years of judging 在我审判的这些年 I have never heard before 从没听过 Of someone more deserving of the full penalty of law 有人如此罪大恶极,用全部法律惩处都不够 The way you made them suffer 你让他们受罪的方式 Your exquisite wife and mother 你痛苦的妻子与母亲 Fills me with the urge to defecate 使我恨不得立即除掉污秽 (Go on judge, site on him) (法官上前,站在他旁)
Since my firend you have revealed your deepest fear 我的朋友,由于你泄露了自己最深的恐惧 I sentence you to be exposed before your peers 我判你暴露在你的同伴前
Tear down the wall 把墙拆掉 (Tear down the wall) (Tear down the wall) (Tear down the wall) (Tear down the wall) (Tear down the wall) (Tear down the wall) (Tear down the wall) (Tear down the wall) (Tear down the wall) (Tear down the wall) (Tear down the wall) (Tear down the wall) (Tear down the wall) Tear down