One of My Turns

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Day after day, love turns gray 日复一日,爱褪为灰白 Like the skin of a dying man 像是垂死之人的皮
And night after night, we pretend it’s alright 夜复一夜,我们假装一切都好 But I have grown older 但我在衰老 And you have grown colder 而你在冷却 And nothing is very much anymore 再没什么值得一提 And I can feel one of my turns coming on 我能察觉到我的一个转变正在来到 I feel cold as a razor blade 我感觉如剃须刀片般冰冷 Tight as a tourniquet 如止血带般紧绷 Dry as a funeral drum 如丧鼓般干燥
Run to the bedroom, in the suitcase on the left 跑到卧室,在左边的衣箱里 You’ll find my favorite axe 你会发现我最心爱的斧头 Don’t look so frightened 不要看起来这么恐惧 This is just a passing phase 这只是一个在过去的时期 One of my bad days 我的一个坏日子而已
Would you like to watch TV? 你想去看电视吗? Or get between the sheets? 或是钻到被单里? Or contemplate the silent freeway? 或是凝视寂静的高速公路? Would you like something to eat? 你想吃些什么吗? Would you like to learn to fly? 你想去学习飞翔吗? Would you? 你想吗? Would you like to see my try? 你想让我试试看吗? Ooh no 哦,不
Would you like to call the cops? 你想报警吗? Do you think it’s time I stopped? 你以为我该停止了吗? Why are you running away? 你为什么要逃走?